Thursday, 3 February 2011

Bout merch/craft round up - Tarzan and Pain

First things first, our second home bout, Tarzan and Pain, was incredible! The lovely, lovely Middlesborough Milk Rollers were fantastic, and the score of 189-34 does not reflect their performance. They looked great out there. As did the Sheffield Steel Roller Girls.
This was a double header bout, with some Merby action following the main girl on girl show. That was quite an eye opener - aggressive, fast and great fun to watch.

There were several stalls in addition to our merch stand. There were beautiful things from Imogen's Imagination, Knit and Destroy, Sour Cherry, Razorblade Mermaid, Calamity Dame Apparel and Mute Art

Our mech stand had our usual assortment of t-shirts, cupcakes, totebags, baby gros and a few more unusual pieces.
The sock monkey's in team colours were a huge hit, and seem to be gone in the blink of an eye. Kami's lovely headbands also seem to sell well, the eclectic mix of colours and bow/bead combi
nation's were spotted on lots of the girls in the crowd. The scrabble tile necklaces are now adorning the necks of half of the northern roller girls, I think.

Next time we're planning to be more organised (such as remembering facinators...!) And getting our heads round shrinky plastic jewelry amongst other things. All suggestions for what we can craft for next time are welcome :)