Saturday, 22 January 2011

Feathery fun

I've been playing with the idea of making some pretties for the merch stall at our Tarzan and Pain bout next weekend. At first I was going to make some cute bags from this fun vinyl material

but I'm away during the week and have no access to a machine so that was a no go. I will make some but once I have my machine with me - hand sewing vinyl is a bitch.

So then I thought and decided on fascinators - pretty and easy to make. Last week I bought from ebay some feathers and got some hair clips from a shop in town and today I set to it. I got into a bit of a mess with the glue: fluff and sticky do not play well together but this is the end result.

I think that it worked out pretty well. I need to get some more shiny things like sequins but I shall now go and make some more and hopefully they will sell at the bout.


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