Monday, 3 January 2011

New year, new diary...same old resolutions to actually do this!

I'm sure you all did it when little. Got a diary for Christmas (you know, covered in cute kittens and glitter) and determinedly decided that this was the year you'd write a diary to rival Anne Frank's (preferably with a happy ending). Of course it never happened. I'm terrible at resolutions. And writing.
BUT at the grand old age of 31 maybe, just maybe I can keep this up. And I have a lot more going on now then when I was 13.
In the last year Roller Derby has taken over my life. :-) As it has with the other lovely girls on this blog. Funny thing about Derby girls is that we love to skate fast and hit hard, and then chill out with a few reams of cloth, some lovely wool and and our imagination (though I seem to mostly make hotpants and bags...maybe that will change this year too!)

Hopefully I'll see you on here again soon, though I'm sure none of us will be surprised if the next time you see me is early January 2012!

loves and shoves
Savage Steel

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