Saturday, 8 January 2011

New toy!

Whooooooooop! My new sewing machine has arrived! A Janome Gold Plus - trim and stitch. It's so luverly! And quiet! And it works!
I've been struggling with a Leveria from Lidl, which on paper is a great machine, but in reality was too noisy to use in the evenings (it woke the neighbours kids) and in the end I spent more time re-threading it and trying to adjust the tension to avoid matting that I gave up on it. If I'd kept better care of the receipt I could probably have got it repaired or my money back, but I'm really not that organised!
Anyway, my new baby is here. 3/4 size and with a built in serger and simple needle threader. Not bad for £160. They're discontinued, hence the price. Maybe the rrp of £300-400 is too steep, for this price it seems a bargain. Sadly I had to get it from Coopers for that price - and I've heard terrible things about their service - so I went through their amazon store, so hopefully I'll have some recourse, if things do go wrong.
Right enough blogging time to sew. But I wanted to show it you while its all new and shiny! :-)))

Ps my hubby took the delivery as i was still in bed, he pretended it wasn't my machine so he could wrap it up for me as a late Christmas pressie - too sweet!

Loves and shoves
Savage Steel

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