Thursday, 20 January 2011

Shrink plastic skate stuff

I've always fancied playing with heat shrink plastic/shrinkies/shrinky dinks since I was little, but some how my mum wasn't convinced about me filling the house with bits of plastic (all-be-it shrunken) tat.
But on impulse I bought a couple of sheets in a $2 shop in Singapore last month. And wow! It's so worth the wait! It's such a wow moment when the bit of 'art' you've created shrinks into something cute and adorable in seconds. It might not have started out that cute, but as we all know, miniaturisation makes anything better.
There's a gut clenching moment when the plastic shrivels and deforms, but you must have faith and keep the heat on, and it will unfurl into something small (and admittedly a bit tat-like)!
So far all I can think is to make derby related pieces. But now I can have as many pendants as I like!

Ps adding silver embossing powder is very cool!

Loves and shoves
Savage Steel

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